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How To Optimize Pages For Conversion:PPC And How Traverse City Web Design Plays A Role In Increasing Conversion

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How to Optimize Content for AdSense: Optimizing for SEO and CPC Revenue using AdWords, AdSense and Google This article is about optimizing content to attract visitors and earn revenue from them. It is geared towards AdSense, as the title implies, but the same techniques can be applied to any affiliate scheme:
  • ClickBank
  • Amazon
  • CafePress
The key is in identifying an easy to target niche, being able to specify exactly what kind of traffic visits that niche, and identifying the keywords used by visitors ready to buy. The money that can be made from niches ranges from paltry to extreme; comparative success in small niches may only lead to moderate revenues, but this article is aimed at making sure that the content provider maximizes the potential of any niche. If you do not have a the technical skills to do this yourself, consider hiring a web design company to help you. Once your site is looking sharp, it is time to start promoting it online.

Google Optimization for Traffic

Optimizing for traffic means that the reader needs to examine the link between keyword phrases that are easy to target (niche), and relevant to their proposed article. So, before writing it, it is a good idea to jot down five or six words that encapsulate the subject matter. Go to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool;
  • Enter the keywords, one per line;
  • Enter the CAPTCHA text;
  • Click the button.
  • In the results, the researcher should then sort by Searches – this will yield a list that is ordered according to how many Google searches were performed for the keyword phrase.

AdSense Optimization for Revenue

There is also a column that the reader can activate from the drop down box, called CPC. This is the anticipated cost per click that the AdWords advertiser would have to pay and is a relative measure of the income that an AdSense publisher could earn from each click. It is not an absolute value, it is a guideline. If the list from above is sorted by CPC, then a slightly different take on the results is apparent. Some move to the top, others move right down, depending on competition, anticipated intrinsic value, etc. The advertisers have far more resources dedicated to keyword research, and a much better understanding of the market, than 99.99% of content providers, so riding on their coat-tails is an absolute must.

The Google AdSense SEO Paradigm for Maximum Income

Now that the reader understands the principles driving AdSense, it is time to pull the techniques together and look at how to optimize the SEO paradigm to maximize income. In essence, the publisher wants to both garner as many visitors as possible, whilst making the most of each potential visitor. This means picking keywords that:
  • attract traffic
  • attract advertisers
  • can place highly in search engine results
  • This last piece is vital – if nobody sees the entry in the search engine results pages (the SERPs rating), then they won't be able to click. They won't know that the page even exists.
Therefore, the publisher should be realistic in their choice of keywords, and measure the anticipated effectiveness by using the phrase length (number of words) as an indicator. Building this measure in will cause lower ranked phrases to outrank phrases with more anticipated competition, and be more readily selected by the publisher. This assumes, of course, that longer tail keyword phases have less search engine competition. To validate this for their niche, the reader will, naturally, need to experiment and test. [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row admin_label="Row" make_fullwidth="off" use_custom_width="off" width_unit="on" use_custom_gutter="off" allow_player_pause="off" parallax="off" parallax_method="on" make_equal="off" parallax_1="off" parallax_method_1="off" parallax_2="off" parallax_method_2="off"][et_pb_column type="1_2"][et_pb_button admin_label="Button" button_url="tel:8559830303" url_new_window="on" button_text="Call Now" button_alignment="left" background_layout="light" custom_button="on" button_text_color="#ffffff" button_bg_color="#21c674" button_letter_spacing="0" button_use_icon="on" button_icon="%%104%%" button_icon_placement="left" button_on_hover="off" button_letter_spacing_hover="0" /][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type="1_2"][et_pb_button admin_label="Button" button_url="" url_new_window="on" button_text="Request More Info" button_alignment="left" background_layout="light" custom_button="on" button_text_color="#ffffff" button_bg_color="#0ea2f2" button_letter_spacing="0" button_use_icon="default" button_icon="%%71%%" button_icon_placement="left" button_on_hover="off" button_letter_spacing_hover="0" /][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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Monday, 7 August 2017

Become More Social: Networking Is The Place To Be Seen

The phenomena of social networking sites is now old news but they are still growing stronger and stronger every day with more and more people discovering the benefits of getting more social online. This means there is a great marketing opportunity for your eBusiness. With millions of online user’s already on social networking and with new members joining up every minute if you have a web based business advertising or setting up a business profile on these websites could be great for your business. Do social networks damage your business? A lot of business owners (certainly those of a certain age) only hear bad things about social networking sites from the media such as relationship breakups, online bullying and staff wasting time on them. Because of this if even mention them in board room meetings people instantly think you must be one of those people that waste so much time on these websites. There have indeed been cases such as these highlighted by the media but if you miss out on the opportunity that social networking sites offer your competition will not. Consider the fact that Microsoft paid millions for just 1% of Facebook and that Google bought the social video site YouTube for $1.65billion and you can see that the two internet giants certainly think that social sites are important for their business. If you build a social profile for your business and encourage your staff and customers to use it to make comments about the business you can use the social networks to your advantage and build a community around your business. Whether you like it or not the fact that staff can use Facebook on their mobiles means that even if you cut their internet access to these sites they will still have access via their phones. Better to offer them limited time windows to check for updates and in return for them being encouraged to use the company profile pages meaning that even the time spent wasting time is actually benefiting the business. Why should you have a company social profile? Apart from the benefits already discussed having a social profile can help with your Search Engine Marketing campaigns. Because social networks are updated daily, hourly and so on the content is always updating and therefore can only have a positive effect on your SEO work. Google has brought YouTube into the search results. Have you noticed that the more and more you search these days on Google that amongst the results you get YouTube videos? This is no accident. Seeing the benefit of YouTube Google bought the site realising the social service it was and now includes it in the search results returned. This is a great SEO opportunity for companies to create videos about their business as mini adverts. Low budget and easy to do this could be a great chance to increase your company’s online profile. As social networks are updated so often with people updating their profiles regularly and sending messages to each other instantly they are much faster than any other medium for getting a message or news out there. SEO campaigns can take months for the message to get across whereas social networks get the message out instantly. They can aid with your SEO campaigns and give an instant news update about promotions and more. Advertising on social networks There is another great reason to look at social networks and that’s the advertising potential. With and estimate 1 in every 5 people on the globe having some sort of access to social networks let alone profiles there is an obvious marketing and advertising potential here. Add to the fact that so many people spend so much time on these sites means that their exposure to your advertising and brand is increased. The benefits of advertising on a social network though do not end there. On top of this massive market there is the added advantage of marketing to the subconscious. People associate social networking with their friends and family and therefore have a positive place in their minds. As adverts on these sites tend to be in the left or right peripheral vision areas where the mind subconsciously takes in the information then you’re branding will be being display to them when they are in a positive frame of mind providing a positive relationship between your brand and them on a subconscious level. If your advert has eye catching animation you will gain their conscious attention and possibly direct them to your website. There is no another benefit that social networks offer you in the advertising arena; profiled advertising. Profiled advertising is targeted advertising directed to people who fit your target audience. When people join social networks they give details about themselves; their name, age, where they live, job title, interests, income, likes and dislikes and more. Social networks use this information to make sure the adverts the user sees fits the profile of the person it is marketing to. So if you want to market direct to your target audience, provided they use social networking this is a great medium. A lot of the social networks now also offer pay per click advertising meaning that you will only pay for the adverts that generate clicks for your website. All in all social networks are a must for any online serious business.

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Basic Marketing Strategies that Work: General Approaches to Freelance Marketing

When a freelance marketer intends to approach small to medium enterprises as clients, keep in mind that not every owner from this segment will immediately concur to all marketing strategies as planned, particularly those strategies that are too expensive. Understand that there are some business owners running on a shoestring budget, and could request far more affordable marketing strategies to start with. This is perfectly all right; a great freelance marketer should know how to adjust to the capacity of any marketing client. So to help a new freelance marketer, below are basic marketing strategies and general approaches that might come in handy: The Power of Blog Marketing Thanks to the age of blogging, nothing is anymore impossible when it comes to getting products and services visible to a wider market – locally and internationally. There are in fact two blog marketing strategies: get a free business blog or website to kick things off; advertise on other blogs through banners and reviews. Work on a good deal with powerful bloggers to run the campaigns in their blogs. It can be through banners, links, or paid reviews that are very rampant nowadays. Nothing beats a good word to campaign an excellent brand. Don’t Underestimate Telemarketing Selling through telemarketing is absolutely a difficult approach to possible customers. What with the cold calls that have become so commonplace and annoying for homeowners, offices, and other establishments. Not to discount that telemarketing is time consuming. Nonetheless, if a freelance marketer has the effective telemarketing strategies to move toward a successful promotion on the phone, it becomes a powerful marketing strategy and rather cheap, too, that is if the business has its telemarketer than making way for call center agents to do it. Take it this way - a good talk is worth a good sale. Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Brand Awareness This strategy is simply about keeping the target market in the loop. It may not be the best marketing strategy for some, but it still works for the purpose of brand awareness. Word-of-mouth marketing strategy can be implemented in different ways though. For one, a freelance marketer can give out invites for a free product test or service trial to very few regular or loyal customers. The payback from such invite is, of course, to spread the word about the experience and promote that particular product or service, if possible, bring new customer referrals. Now, if the business owner is willing to spend more in that case, a freelance marketer can also hire few agents to campaign it to the right market, be it during functions, events, or simple, daily discussions with target customers. Be careful, however, when choosing whom to give the freebies, or agents to hire for the job. Make it sure these cream-of-the-crop agents have influences within a particular demographic, and can truly help in intensifying campaigns of the business, or else it's just a waste of energy and money. And so word of mouth becomes just that - word of mouth. A taut marketing budget should not hinder an efficient freelance marketer to campaign and provide brand awareness. Besides, there are other effective and similarly affordable marketing strategies to pursue and work with. Though using only the aforementioned strategies may albeit cramp the opportunities to capture a larger market for a time being, bear in mind that this is only the beginning of a bigger, better picture between the satisfied marketing client and a freelance marketer, after showing a good head start.

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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

How to Choose the Most Cost Effective Advertising Medium for Your Business

It’s tempting for a small business on a tight budget to play safe and rely on a simple Yellow Page listing and the occasional local press ad. At the other extreme, it’s all too easy to splash out on expensive but unproductive advertising. Choosing the most appropriate advertising media is essential to achieve cost effective advertising. Targeting the Customer Choosing the right media demands a clear picture of your customer base. A simple DIY market survey will tell:

  • Who are your target customers?
  • Where do they live?
  • What media do they read, listen to or watch?
  • What are they looking for?
Choosing your Advertising Media To attract “pro-active customers” - those who are actively looking for what you have to offer - a permanent Yellow Page or local newspaper listing or internet web page saying who and where you are, what you offer and contact details is normally enough. Only if you have many competitors should it be necessary to spend on more prominent advertising. Attracting passive customers- those who need to be persuaded - or to advertise a special event or product, higher profile advertising is necessary; choosing the most cost effective advertising medium is critical. The main options,in broadly ascending order of cost, include; Newspapers and Magazines Advertising The local press is normally the first advertising priority for a small business except for one with a national catchment area, like for example a hotel or mail order business. The cost will relate directly to the size of your ad and the circulation of the publication. Advertising beyond your catchment area, except as part of a planned expansion, is money wasted. A specialist publication whose reader profile matches your target customer, may well prove cost-effective even though its circulation is smaller than one with a broader reader profile. It’s normally better to concentrate spending in one or two publications, and not spread your advertising too thinly. Advertising on Roadside Signs and Billboards In some countries and areas authorities are pretty hostile to wayside advertising except on your own land and even there impose strict rules. Commercial billboards can be very expensive, especially on high profile sites. Nevertheless, they can be extremely cost effective, especially on arterial routes through rural areas and for “venue” businesses, like hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and retailers. Leaflet and Flyers An invaluable way into hotels, tourist information centers and other visitor attractions if tourists are part of your target market. They’re also an easy way to waste advertising money unless well-designed and carefully distributed. The design must be really eye-catching if it’s to be noticed among all the other leaflets. Your key message - who you are and what you offer - must stand out boldly when displayed in a rack. Advertising through an Internet Website Can any business now afford not to have one? Over 60% of UK households now have access to the Internet and around 80% of Internet users shop or look for goods and services on the net - and these figures increase every year. Unless you’re into mail order, a simple, informative, one-page site giving contact details, is enough to start with. This is quite easy to set up yourself, or a computer-literate friend can do so, and the cost is quite small. Local Radio Advertising Expensive, particularly as a one-off ad is no use and you’ll need to run at least 15 or 20. Nevertheless, for a major sale, launch or event the potential return may justify the expense. Professional production and a simple memorable message are vital. Television Advertising Even more expensive, and with the same caveats. Nevertheless it has huge impact if you have an exciting visual image to offer.

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

1-Minute Mastery: How to Build a Dynamic Sales Culture

A dynamic sales culture exists when every employee puts every customer and prospect ahead of personal concerns, comforts and considerations. Survey Employees The best place to start building a dynamic sales culture is for the sales manager to ask everyone – from the CEO to the janitorial staff, from receptionists to parts counter people, from the controller to the security guard – for their opinions on how a dynamic sales culture should look. An employee survey helps a sales manager move the company forward because it not only reveals the baseline from which people need to be educated and motivated, it also begins building consensus on how important a dynamic sales culture can be to the overall success of the company. Survey Customers and Prospects A customer/prospect survey provides insights from the best possible sources about how to build a viable dynamic sales culture. At the same time, customer/prospect surveys can and often do generate unexpected new sales and profits. To elicit the most information in the least amount of time, questions should be limited to the following four: “What do you know about our company and what do you think about what you know?” “Which of our products and services are important to you and which are not?” “What do you think of our advertising and promotional campaigns?” “What would it take for you to do business with us?” Customer/prospect surveys can be conducted in any of the following formats or combinations thereof:

  • Face-to-face Interviews – allow for a dialogue to promote in-depth answers, give questioners the chance to integrate product literature into the survey when appropriate, watch for body-language signals and double-check answers for accuracy.
  • FAX or Direct Mail Interviews – are costly, time consuming and don’t generate more than a five to ten percent response rate.
  • Online Interviews – are inexpensive but often result in poor response rates unless surveying companies offer incentives.
  • Telephone Interviews – are cheaper than face-to-face interviews but don’t give interviewers the ability to develop in-depth answers or to monitor and assess body-language signals.
Discuss Survey Results with Employees A dynamic sales culture requires strong support mechanisms to manage the flow of employee actions and reactions from the moment of customer/prospect contact to the point of disengagement. In order to create and sustain a dynamic sales culture, employees must understand, acknowledge and resolve to answer concerns expressed by current customers, former customers and prospects in their answers to survey questions. Get and Keep the Dynamic Sales Culture ‘Buy-in’ As management and employees discuss why, how and when to design and implement a dynamic sales culture, management has to understand that it can’t necessarily count on every ‘nodder’ and ‘smiler’ in the room to step out of a comfort zones to put the needs of difficult customers and prospects ahead of their own. Weekly department meetings, monthly company meetings and quarterly follow-up customer/prospect surveys can build in accountability to help monitor and course-correct a dynamic sales culture. Epilogue A dynamic sales culture cannot and will not be built quickly. People change slowly and slow change is typically the best change because it tends to be more lasting. Even after a dynamic sales culture is up and running, it will require constant attention from everyone – from the top to the bottom of the organizational chart – to enable the company to consistently increase revenues and profits.

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The Best Places to Submit Articles as a Marketing Strategy

Top Christian Article Directories The number one idea behind article marketing is to drive traffic to your website, and ultimately make a sale on your product or service. There are literally hundreds of places you can submit your article to for this valuable exposure. But, if you are particularly interested in reaching a Christian audience, then there is good news for you. There are a handful of article directories that can help you with your marketing strategy. Faith Writers Article Directory Faith Writers is a privately owned article directory that has different levels of article marketing choices. First, there is a free membership option that will allow you to post your articles in a section where individuals, churches, and businesses can reprint your submissions at no cost. But, whoever uses your article must keep your resource box intact, so you are gaining exposure on the web every time someone uses your article. Plus, you can list your articles for others to buy in a different article directory section of the website. If someone purchases your article, then you will not gain exposure through a resource box. They buy the article outright as their own. Then, there is a Faith Writers 500 Club that costs $10.00 per month and gives you extra exposure and extra tools to help you build your web presence. The extra exposure comes from home page placement of your article and short biography. The extra tools include:

  • Private message board
  • Article placement in the Faith Writers online magazine
  • Free Faith Writers e-mail account
  • Opportunity to sell your eBook in the Faith Writers store
  • Free advertising for your business
Faith Writers will only accept Christian-related articles. Articles are published instantly, but the editorial staff has the right to review any article and ban it, if it does not fall within their guidelines. You can avoid this by reading the terms of the website ahead of time. Christian Article Bank Directory Christian Article Bank is a privately owned Christian article directory. The gentleman who runs the site is very personable, and likes to interact with the writers through e-mail, which is a nice touch. Joining this site is free, and you can submit as many articles as you like. There are feature writers displayed on the home page, which helps writers gain exposure. Feature writers are constantly rotated each time the website is refreshed. The statistics on the site are not very good, as you cannot see how many people have viewed your submitted articles, but the site as a whole gets many hits each month. You can, however, access a list of all the articles you have published, along with the ability to edit them at any time. Articles have to be approved before going live. Christian Article Bank is powered by Article Friendly, which is a well-known article software system. Narrow is the Path Article Directory Narrow is the Path Article Directory is a straightforward article submission website. You can sign up for membership free of charge, submit however many articles you want, and each article includes a resource box to help you gain the exposure you desire. Readers can download your articles for use in various publications, including online and offline. Narrow is the Path only accepts Christian-related articles. The articles that you submit to this site go live after receiving approval from the editorial staff. Once your article is approved, you can track how many people have downloaded your article, as well as how many words your article contains and what rating readers give to your article. The editorial staff is very good about reviewing articles quickly. Other Christian Article Directories Check out some of these other Christian article directories, as well.
  • She Loves God
  • Idea Marketers
  • Discovery Articles
There you have it. Submitting your articles to these place is sure to drive in some traffic that you might have been missing out on. Christians will specifically search for Christian article directories, and this is the place you need to be to reach your target audience.

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